Motel Policies and Expectations

We encourage all guests to gain some familiarity with Wigwam Village before arrival. Our policies are unique to our cool and campy motel experience.

Cancelation Policy

Reservations are recommended but not required. All reservations are subject to cancellation fees equal to $35 PER BED, PER NIGHT for all accommodations in your reservation. That means for a single teepee, the cancellation fee is $35/room/night, and for a double teepee, the cancellation fee is $70/room/night. Cancellations and modifications are allowed until 3 PM (Central Time Zone) THREE DAYS BEFORE your reserved stay date. After this time, three things happen: Any balance due will be charged to your card on file; All sales become final; and No refunds will be given. Additionally, reservations made 0-3 days prior to staying are nonrefundable. Please consider trip insurance or walk in service if you desire more flexibility than our reservation terms allow.

Remember: You must cancel or modify your reservation prior to 3 PM (Central Time Zone) THREE DAYS BEFORE your reserved stay date in order to avoid paying full price for your reservation. The easiest way to cancel or modify is to reply to your confirmation email.


Occupancy Policy Strictly Enforced

Room occupancy is limited to two guests in a single room and four guests in a double room. Families, it is OK to add one child age 5 years and younger to a single or double room. If you show up at check-in with more than the allowed occupants, and if an arrangement to accommodate the additional guests cannot be made, then you may be denied service. You will not be refunded if you are denied service for exceeding our room occupancy policy.

We strictly enforce our occupancy policy because we want you to have the best experience and because the rooms are small and we want to protect our antique furniture. All of the beds are original from 1937. They are full-size beds, smaller than queen-size. Beds must not be moved. Air mattresses and cots are not allowed. Please ask for assistance if you have any issues or concerns about furnishings.


You may bring pets and animal companions, but within reason. You are limited to a total weight for all pets together of 75 pounds. The fee is $10/$15/$20 per pet per night based on weight. You are responsible for cleaning up after your animal indoors and out. Do not allow your pet to poop or pee inside the grassy bowl where families play; instead, walk them on the grass behind the teepees. You may be charged a fee for excessive cleaning if the room requires additional cleaning due to your pet (see below).


Please help us protect and preserve our historic furniture and rooms. Do not move our furniture. Do not use our bedroom furniture outdoors. Do not dye your hair on our premises. Do not apply any outside cleaning solutions. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned before your arrival using nontoxic and non-damaging solutions. If you have problems or concerns about your room furnishings, notify us so our staff can address the issue for you. 

Smoking, Vaping, 420

Enjoy your smoke outside. You’ll be charged $250 to clear tobacco or vape juice odors and $420 to clear cannabis odors in your teepee. There are ash pots outside for your butts.


No cooking is allowed in the teepees. We have charcoal grills and a covered picnic pavilion for you to use. You may bring your own standalone grills. We do not have microwaves or refrigerators. We recommend you plan to cook just like you would on a camping trip.

Excessive Cleaning Fee

Please use the two trash cans with garbage bags in your room. If you fill the bags, ask for more. Also, there are several trash cans on the property. We will charge a cleaning fee for any room with an excessive amount of garbage that is not disposed of properly; for stains, animal and human waste and dangerous materials; and for anything left in the room that risks our housekeepers’ health or safety. The excessive cleaning fee is $50/hour with a minimum charge of $50.


We charge the cost of replacement for room damage and missing items.

Final Payment and Cancellation

You have until 3 p.m. three days before check-in to cancel or modify your reservation. After that time, we charge the final payment to the credit card on file. This is the moment when all sales are final – no refunds. You will be assessed a cancellation fee equal to $35 per bed per night, and any remaining balance will be refunded to your card on file.

Grace Period

We provide a 24-hour grace period for any reservation made on a date 3 days or greater in advance of the stay date. We provide a 1-hour grace period for reservations made 0-3 days in advance of the stay date. During the grace period, cancellation fees may be forgiven upon request.

Invalid Credit Card

We will charge you credit card on file for any balance due as of 3 pm (Central Time Zone), three days before your reserved arrival date. If your card is invalid, we will contact you to get an updated payment method. We will cancel reservations that remain unpaid at 3 pm, two days prior to check-in. Call us to update your credit card. Press 0 to speak with Keith at the Front Desk.

Check-in, Check-out, Late Arrivals

Check-in between 3-7 p.m. Central Time Zone

Our office is open for check-ins from 3 to 7 p.m. Sorry! No early check-ins. When you arrive, drive to the left of the big teepee and follow the signs for the office, leading you to the green house, where we live. We will invite you to sit on the patio to learn a little history about Wigwam Village No. 2, plus get tips for where to eat and what to do in the Caveland area.

Check-out by 10 a.m.

To check out, simply leave your key in your room, close the door and wave goodbye as you drive away.

Contact us for Late Arrival (7 p.m. – 9 p.m.)

We need to speak with you to arrange Late Arrivals after 7 p.m.. Call or text 1-833-WIGWAMS. Press 0 for Keith at the Front Desk.

No Shows

If you have not checked-in, self checked-in, or canceled your room by midnight of your stay, your reservation will be deemed a no show. Guests who bring too many people for the room(s) they reserved and choose not to stay will be deemed a no show. No refunds will be issued for no shows. No shows will be charged the first two nights’ stay.

The Wigwam Village Experience

You are about to step back in time, to the dawn of the American Road Trip. Wigwam Village No. 2 was built in Cave City, Kentucky, in 1937. By 1950, seven Wigwam Villages were built across the country. Notable for its unique and whimsical architecture, Wigwam Village No. 2 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. By this point in history, only three of the original seven remained. They all still stand today, individually owned and operated in Kentucky, Arizona and California.Wigwam Village No. 2 is undergoing an extensive renovation to bring it back to its 1930s splendor and authenticity. Your patronage helps pay for ongoing restoration of the property in accordance with federal historical renovation regulations.When you stay at Wigwam Village No. 2, you are helping preserve a beloved piece of Americana.

History Chat on the Patio

When you arrive, you will pull up to the green property manager’s house to the left of the teepees. There, we invite you to sit on the patio and learn a little history about Wigwam Village No. 2. Be sure to flip through the 30-page history book in your room. You can even read it online!

Vintage Playground and Outdoor Fun

Most folks come to Wigwam Village No. 2 to hang out in our comfortable, red wooden deck chairs, enjoying a relaxing evening while the kids run around and explore our vintage playground. There are numerous charcoal grills and picnic tables around the property. There is a covered picnic pavilion for outdoor dining, rain or shine.

Campfire at Dusk

We light a campfire every night. We provide the firewood and skewers. You provide the s’mores and hot dogs. The fire starts around dusk, except during rain or inclement weather. Also, the exact timing depends on whether we are checking in guests.

Provided In Your Room

Your room comes equipped with full-size bed(s) with hygienic duvet linens, memory foam support pillows, standard fill pillows, extra blanket(s), space heater, ceiling fan, air conditioner, coffee maker, regular and decaf coffee, green tea, hot and cold beverage cups, coffee condiments, ice bucket with liner, cable tv, wifi internet, USB charging port, standard duplex outlet, bath towels, washcloths, floor mat, shower curtain, bar soap, body wash, makeup removal towelette, toilet paper, and kitchen size garbage bag. The room is furnished with one or two beds, a vanity table, a side chair, and a luggage rack. Some rooms have a side table and/or a non-functioning radiator.Outside every room are a couple of deck chairs and an ash pot for your butts. Most teepees have small electric panels, so don’t expect to plug-in appliances at WWV unless we provide it. Cooking is outdoors, and hair dryers, well, bring a scrunchie. If you bring a CPAP or other medical device, check your outlet placement and text us at 1-833-WIGWAMS to bring an extension cord to your room.

What To Pack

We provide the room, linens, coffee, ice machine, wifi, tv, picnic tables and grills, campfire and parking. You pack a cooler and your camp-out cooking kit. Don’t forget marshmallows and hot dogs for the campfire. Guitars and Cadillacs are welcome, but leave the air mattresses and hair dryers at home.

Souvenirs and Gifts

We offer souvenir key fobs, postcards, bumper stickers and T-shirts in our signature red color at check-in. If red isn’t your color, or if you want an historic reproduction print or mug, check out all the souvenir gifts and gift cards available at our online store. Feel free to order anything in advance, and we will hold it for your arrival. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of our online items.

Owner On Premises

We live on the site. We are available to assist with any question or concern during your stay. You’ll see us walking around, but you can always get our attention by ringing the doorbell on the green house, or calling or texting us at 1-833-WIGWAMS. No request is too small. Let us know how we can help.

Historic Preservation

During your stay at Wigwam Village No. 2, you probably will see us working on the teepees. We are slowly but surely restoring them to their 1937 glory. Be assured, your safety and enjoyment will not be impacted. All work is conducted in coordination with state and local permitting authorities.

The BigWam

Sorry! The BigWam and public toilet teepees are closed for restoration. But we are working hard to reopen the BigWam as a coffee shop. We hope you’ll return soon to see all the progress we are making on our historic preservation goals.

Exploring Cave Country

Our region, affectionately called “Caveland” is a small area with a few stoplights and roads that are easy to navigate.We are surrounded by Mammoth Cave National Park to the West, Amish farmland to the East, and Dixie Highway running North-South in between. Wigwam Village is in Cave City, Ky, smack dab in the middle.

Don’t rely on GPS

The best approach to Wigwam Village No. 2 is on the historic Dixie Highway. (31W). Don’t let GPS bring you the back way – Old Horse Cave Road – because it’s not as dramatic an approach.

This is a wonderful area for scenic drives that wind through scenic farmland, small towns centers, and forests. Let us know if you want some destinations to point your GPS to for a nice drive.

Horse Cave is three miles to the North, and Park City is seven miles to the South. There are two lights on Dixie Highway in Cave City. Broadway is the nearest main street to us, one streetlight south, and leads to downtown Cave City if you turn right to the West. The second light to the south is Happy Valley, a major road regionally. Happy Valley leads to Mammoth Cave National Park to the West, and to the East is Crystal Onyx and the town of Glasgow, Ky. The third light south is Park City, which also leads to Mammoth Cave to the West. The town in North Caveland is Horse Cave, Ky, whose Main Street will take you to several tourist destinations on the East and West of Dixie Highway.

Enjoy our Delicious, Local Restaurants!

Ask us for our recommendations. We have great local restaurants that will surely tickle your taste buds. If you are staying Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, you will experience some limited options as top restaurants are closed these days to prepare for the busy week ahead.

Visit our Spectacular Caves

Mammoth Cave National Park’s tours require reservations and payment in advance. Hiking in the park is free. If you cannot get a reservation, there are privately owned caves that are part of the Mammoth Cave system and do not require reservations. They are beautiful and should be considered. Hidden River Cave in Horse Cave allows pets.

Shopping in Caveland

Caveland is known for its roadside attractions, antique malls and thrift shops. We also have local boutiques for fashion, food and souvenirs. This is a wet county. Bottoms up!

Terms and Conditions

You agree to these terms and conditions when you book online with us. Retain for your records.